Take care of your transmission to keep your tires moving forward! Without it transferring the power from your engine to your wheels, your vehicle can’t transport you anywhere. Stay alert and take your transmission to a trusted auto repair expert at the first sign of trouble! Listen to your senses, and take action right away if:

You See… Fluid Leaking Out

Your transmission requires fluid in order to carry out its duties. If this runs dry, you can no longer drive, which is sure to ruin your day! If you spot a pool of red fluid under your vehicle, tow your car to an auto shop right away. To avoid damage, don’t drive. Your transmission fluid could completely run out on the way, which could be costly! A technician can repair your leak and top off your transmission fluid so you’ll be back in action in no time. 

You Hear… A Whining Sound

If your transmission starts to wine, it’s telling you that it’s time to take it to a technician! This can mean a variety of things, including a clogged fluid line or an issue with its torque converters, which are tasked with transmitting and multiplying the torque generated by your engine. Either way, it’s whining for a worthwhile reason, so take it to see an auto repair expert as soon as possible. They will be able to point out the problem and repair the particular part of your transmission that needs attention before any further damage is done!

You Feel… Your Gears Glitching

Glitching gears can indicate a variety of issues, from simple to severe! For example, if it’s becoming harder to switch gears, you may simply need to top off your fluid or your transmission’s gear teeth may be worn down. If they are slipping or shifting erratically, on the other hand, your transmission may even endanger you down the road. The latter could cause a loss of power to your wheels, so stop driving and get your car down to a dealership! 

You Smell… Something Burning

When something smells like it’s burning inside your car, it likely involves your transmission. Your fluid, or even your transmission itself, could be burning up! An auto mechanic can offer solutions that will stop the spoilage in its tracks, so it doesn’t spread, so opt to see one right away! In older transmissions, overheating may be a sign that a replacement is in order. If it still has time left, though, a prompt visit may save you from damaging vital components so its life isn’t cut short! 

You Taste… The Bitter Defeat of an Unresponsive Vehicle

If your vehicle won’t always switch into ‘drive’ from ‘park’, there is probably something wrong with its transmission. Taking it in for a diagnostic as soon as this happens can prevent the problem from developing into more daunting damage! Even if you can occasionally get in cruising, the cause of this unresponsiveness can be catastrophic to your car if left unaddressed for too long. Don’t be discouraged, but don’t drive! An auto mechanic will get your transmission sorted so you can soar through the streets again soon.

Your transmission should be one of your top priorities when it comes to auto care! It is a very intricate and important piece of machinery, so as soon as you sense that something is off, take it over to your trusted local auto experts for diagnostics. Regular check-ups and repairs are a lot more reasonably priced than a full replacement!