Signs Your Vehicle Is Becoming Unsafe to Drive

It can be hard to let go of a vehicle you’ve relied on for years. It may have taken you through high school, your first job, college, road trips, and moves, but it can’t go with you forever. Whether it’s your first car or your fifth, don’t let nostalgia prevent you from seeing the signs your vehicle is becoming unsafe to drive. You may have a solution for some of your car’s quirks but [...]

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Tune-up Before Heading Out on Your Summer Road Trip

Are you going to be doing a lot of driving this summer? If so, it’s time to make sure your vehicle is in proper working order before you hit the road. Small issues can quickly become large problems if not addressed at the right time. This is why it’s always a good practice for drivers to get their vehicle tuned up before a long road trip. What’s a Tune-Up? A tune-up is an important [...]

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Learning the Basics: The Exhaust System

We’ve all heard it-- the rumbling sounds of a Mustang’s V8; the rapid-fire blat blat blat of a modified Honda Civic; or the rasp of a Subaru WRX. The unique configuration of a car’s exhaust system is responsible for all these sounds and more. Regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, every exhaust system is composed of a few basic parts. Held together with a series of clamps, and working in conjunction with [...]

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Learning the Basics: The Drivetrain

The first self-propelling vehicle was invented in 17th Century China and has since undergone a myriad of changes, evolving in form, function, and source of fuel. What began as a steam-powered wagon that could hardly generate enough pressure to turn the wheels is today a hybrid luxury vehicle that uses onboard computers to perfect how the car drives itself.  This advancement in automobile technology has accomplished a few things simultaneously: First, smart cars are [...]

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12 Basic Automotive Terms You Should Know

According to Statista, 276 million vehicles were registered in the U.S. in 2019. Considering the national population of 328.2 million people at the time, that is a lot of cars. Among the operators of these vehicles, there are some “gearheads” that know their cars inside and out.  But the reality is that the majority of car owners don’t have as good of a grasp on the basics as they probably should. When auto lingo [...]

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Helpful Tips for Buying a Car

Whether the circumstances surrounding your new car purchase inspire excitement or frustration, the decision ahead of you is a big one. Your vehicle is what will get you from point A to point B, carrying friends and family with you. The truth is, not all cars are created equal; both new cars and used cars have their heavy hitters and their light-weights. There are some important considerations to make and options to weigh before [...]

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The Evolution of the Automobile

When we consider the history of cars and where we are today, so much has transpired. From the first steam-powered vehicle to the dynamic fleet of cars that have changed the world of transportation, it can be said that large leaps have been made, and we’ve all benefited from these leaps.  More than likely, we have all traveled to school on a bus, taken a taxi from the airport, owned a car, or gotten [...]

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Are You Ignoring Your Car’s Important Warning Signs?

At Master Muffler, we understand that the times we live in can be tricky financially. Sometimes our scheduled plans like car maintenance are put on the backburner when funds are tight and every penny saved is important. We get it! But we also realize the important role your vehicle plays in your daily life. Whether it’s driving the kids to a place where they can get out while safely socially distancing, or taking a [...]

Still Haven’t Tuned Up Your Car? Now’s the Time!

We’ve all been there. One day our car is running smoothly and efficiently, somewhere down the line the vehicle starts running with a bit of trouble, but nothing you feel too alarmed about. Then, “out of nowhere” our vehicle has some major issues that cause it to run rough or not at all. With other stresses feeling up our lives, sometimes it’s our trusty transport that ends up not getting the regular attention it [...]

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Is it Time for an Oil Change?

Most vehicle owners follow one of three processes when it comes to changing the oil in their vehicles. Commonly, the yellow light may come on in their dashboard, warning the driver that the life of the oil has come to an end. Whether you’re one to refresh or change your oil before that warning light even turns on, or wait it out until your vehicle has reached well over the mileage number on your [...]

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