Whether the circumstances surrounding your new car purchase inspire excitement or frustration, the decision ahead of you is a big one. Your vehicle is what will get you from point A to point B, carrying friends and family with you. The truth is, not all cars are created equal; both new cars and used cars have their heavy hitters and their light-weights. There are some important considerations to make and options to weigh before taking the plunge. As your Clearfield auto repair experts and Utah mechanics, we wanted to share our insights on the matter. 

Safety First

Not only is vehicle safety important for the physical well-being of both drivers and passengers, but insurance companies tend to favor safe vehicles as well. According to State Farm insurance, here are some top safety features to look out for:

  • Forward collision warning. These systems use sensors to gauge the distance between your vehicle and other objects. 
  • Adaptive headlights. These lights move in with the vehicle and are great for increasing visibility in the dark, especially around curves. 
  • Blindspot detection. Using sensors, this system will alert you, usually by illuminating a light, when another vehicle is in your blind spot. 
  • Lane departure warning. This system uses cameras to identify your position in the lane and alerts you when you begin to drift. 
  • Backup Cameras. Rear cameras are becoming essential as they greatly reduce fender-benders and other accidents.

Keep Fuel Efficiency in Mind

In a time when electric vehicles are taking the world by storm, fuel efficiency has become even more of a focus. Depending on how much time you will spend commuting, fuel can be very costly. Smaller sedans and hybrid vehicles will almost always take the cake when it comes to fuel efficiency, so consider aiming your glance at that section of the lot if anticipate putting a lot of miles on your vehicle.

Always Check the Accident Report

If buying used, know the history of the car you buy. There are many online resources such as Carfax that can provide you with the information you need regarding the specific car you are looking to purchase. If the vehicle has a history of accidents or other issues, it is probably best to explore other options.

Always Check the Value

It’s no secret that dealerships are in the business of turning a substantial profit— nothing wrong with that. However, the tenacity of car salesman can sometimes leave people with loans and payments much higher than reasonable. For this reason, use popular online resources such as Kelley Blue Book to check the resale value of your car. This will give you a better idea of its actual worth before you make a purchase. 

Take the Car for a Spin

Never buy a vehicle before first starting up the engine and going on a test drive. This will allow you to not only get a feel for the car but also identify any potential problems before they become permanently yours to deal with. If you have suspicions during your test-drive, it’s best to follow your gut and check out another vehicle. There’s nothing worse than driving a car off the lot and seeing the check-engine light a few days later. 

If You Run Into Problems We Can Help

Master Muffler Clearfield has been a trusted Utah mechanic shop for years. We are experts in diagnosing problems and remedying any automotive ills your vehicle may be encountering. If you suspect there may be a problem, or you just need routine maintenance such as an oil change or tune-up, come pay us a visit. We’ll get you back on the road quickly and safely.